What is Gold protection?

When you purchase an Integrity Certified Pre-Owned your vehicle comes with coverage. Every vehicle on our lot that falls under Integrity Gold Program which coverage comes with a 1-month/1,000-mile limited warranty. In addition to the 102-point safety and mechanical inspection,  Other Integrity Gold Program benefits include:

  • Coverage of powertrain components ($100 deductible on covered repairs)
  • Complete vehicle history report
  • Integrity Value Pricing
  • 60-Minute Sign & Drive purchase policy

The Integrity Platinum Program provides you with assurance your vehicle will run in tiptop shape for years and miles to come. With a 5-year/100,000-mile warranty built into every Integrity Platinum Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. And in addition to the Integrity Gold benefits listed above, the Integrity Platinum Program provides an Expense Reimbursement Package that covers items like rental vehicles and emergency road service. Other Integrity Platinum Program benefits include:

  • 3-month/3,000-mile limited bumper-to-bumper warranty
  • Zero deductible warranty
  • 7-day/500-mile exchange policy
  • 48-hour/150-mile money back mechanical guarantee
  • Tire coverage
  • Towing coverage
  • And much more!

  1. Cold engine start-up
  2. Engine operation warm-up
  3. Engine at normal operating temperature
  4. Brake and parking brake operation
  5. Active seat belt test
  6. Clutch and transmission operation
  7. Overdrive operation
  8. Steering operation and off center
  9. Front and alignment
  10. Tilt steering wheel operation
  11. Transfer case operation (4-wheel drive only)
  12. Windshield wiper and washer
  13. Speedometer & odometer operation
  14. Cruise control operation, including resume
  15. Heater and air conditioning operation
  16. Abnormal noises and vibrations
  17. Squeaks and rattles
  18. Frame check
  19. Body Surface, lower body, and under body damage requiring body shop repair
  20. Tire defects and damage chekc
  21. Drive shaft, joints, CVs and boots
  22. Struts/shock absorbers leaks and wear
  23. Exhaust system leaks and damage
  24. Fuel, oil coolant, or other fluid leaks
  25. Under hood labels and decals
  26. Air filter
  27. Battery cables and mount
  28. Coolant condition temp and test
  29. Under hood fluid levels
  30. Drive belts and hoses
  31. Air conditioning levels; check at sight glass
  32. Warning lights (including air bag), gauges and horn
  33. Headlights, all light functions (tail, side, instruments etc.)
  34. Inside and outside rearview mirrors
  35. Glass free of cracks, stars, and large chips
  36. Dome, courtesy, map and sun visor lights
  37. Window operation
  38. Sunroof or convertible top operation
  39. Audio system and clock (set if required)
  40. Factory-installed alarm system functional
  41. Cigarette lighter operation and power outlets
  42. Headliner, visors, dash, upholstery, console, cup holders/ trim panels/ carpets
  43. Truck bed; bed liner; tailgate; rear bumper
  44. Door & all key/monkey lock systems
  45. Seats and seat belt operation for every position
  46. Rear defogger; check with test lights
  47. Headlight aim (inspection only)
  48. Trunk light and trunk trim appearance 
  49. Hood, trunk and fuel filler door latches
  50. Spare tire pressure; jack and tire wrench match
  51. Front license plate bracket
  52. Wheels/Tires all match
  53. Pad, rotors, drum wear inspection
  54. Differential oil level
  55. Engine oil filter changed
  56. Confirm tires have 5/32 or more
  57. Wet body and fenders
  58. Pressure wash engine, door jams, wheels, tires, spare, bumpers
  59. Wash entire body and rinse thoroughly
  60. Spray in an "H" pattern over engine compartment
  61. Clean all exterior surfaces
  62. Is engine compartment dirt free and dressed?
  63. Are wheels free of dirt and brake dust?
  64. Dry brush carpets
  65. Dusts cracks & crevices
  66. Vacuum all interior and all trunk compartments
  67. Clean all vinyl surfaces
  68. Clean headliner, visors, ashtrays, and glove box
  69. Dress all vinyl areas except gas and brake petals
  70. Clean interior windows, remove unnecessary decals
  71. Pre-spot carpet, seats, door trim, and trunk carpet
  72. Clean carpet, seats, door trim, and trunk carpet (if needed); use Clean HD Shampoo
  73. Clean and condition leather surfaces as required
  74. Reinstall spare tire and tighten down all equipment
  75. Is interior vacuumed and crevices cleaned?
  76. Are carpets and seats free of stains and dirt?
  77. Buff exterior surfaces as needed
  78. Wipers & edges covered for pre-polish
  79. Compound body surface as needed
  80. Polish surface as needed
  81. Wax surfaces
  82. Clean residue from crack & crevice areas
  83. Clean exterior glass using two towels
  84. Is paint free of swirl marks?
  85. Management Oks clean/wax
  86. Reinspect for any remaining tar and road residue
  87. Dress fender well
  88. Dress tires; remove excess with towel
  89. Dress molding, trim, door gaskets
  90. Dress badly weather and faded black bumper
  91. Is body free of tar, road oil and dirt?
  92. Interior is completely odor free- use Ozone Machine
  93. Exterior surfaces meets certification standards
  94. Buffing dust and residue have been removed
  95. Wheels are free of dirt and brake dust
  96. All interior cracks and crevices are clean
  97. Glass is free of dirt and streaks
  98. Body is reasonably free of dents & dings
  99. Paint is reasonably free of chips & scratches
  100. Interior is free of rips and tears
  101. Bumpers are reasonable free of cuts & scratches
  102. Glass is free of cracks, chips & other defects
* Ineligible vehicles include: Acura NSX; Alfa Romeo; Ason Martin; Audi A8, R8, RS Types, S Types, 10/12 Cylinders; Bentley, BMW i8, M Series, 6/7/8 Series, Alpina, 10/12 Cylinders; Bugatti; Cadillac CTS-V, XLR, V Series; Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, Corvette Z06/ZR1/SS; Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6; Daewoo; Dodge Challenger/Charger Hellcat-Demon, Srpinter-Diesel, SRT-10, Viper Ferrari; Fisker/Karma; Ford Mustang SVT/Cobra, Cobra R/Shelby, Boss, Roush, F150 Supercharged, Lighting, GT; Honda FCX; Hummer H1; Jaguar; Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk, Liberty Diesel (4 cyl); Lamborghini; Land Rover; Lexus F-Series, LF-A, LS600H; Lotus; Maserati; Maybach; Mazda Rotary RX-7; McLaren; Mercedes-Benz V8, V12, EV, Sprinter & All AMG's except A/CLA/GLA/GLB; Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbocharged AWD; Nissan GT-R, Juke R; Panoz; Porsche; Rolls-Royce; Spyker; Tesla; Toyota Mirai; Volkswagen Phaeton, 10/12 Cylinders.